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Inclusive slack community for diverse students to network, share opportunities, resources, advice, and connections! Come network with peers, find buddies to prep with, and join industry-specific channels.

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Bridging the Gap (BTG)

BTG is the #1 national network of top diverse talent working to increase representation in the business community by identifying, cultivating, and connecting future BIPOC business leaders. 

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How to join BTG

BTG is looking for students who are passionate about our mission, their professional development, and fit into the #BTGFamily culture.

Step 1: Learn about BTG

Learn about BTG — By exploring our website, LinkedIn, podcast, and talking to other students, you can learn what it means to be a part of BTG.

Step 2: Engage with BTG

Engage with BTG — The easiest way to engage with BTG is to join BTG Launch. We also host national case competitions and recruitment symposiums and would love to see you there!

Step 3: Apply

Applications open 2-3 times a year. When you apply, be prepared to articulate why us, why you, and how you hope to leverage BTG to achieve your goals.

Upon joining the BTG Family, the first thing I noticed was how accomplished but humble my peers are. There is nothing else like the #BTGFamily

LouisBTG Cohort 3

Who We Look For

Students in their first, second, or third year of study at a US-based universities

Students identifying as a Black, Indegenious, or Person of Color (BIPOC)

Students with enormous, untapped potential

Students who fit in and add to BTG’s culture

Students who are passionate about our work and excited about our community