BTG NeXus Fund

The nation’s first, student-led digital asset fund!

NeXus / ‘nekses’/ (noun)

  • A connected series or link
  • A means of connection; a tie; a link

NeXus is BTG’s digital asset fund investing in Web3 technologies such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible-tokens (NFTs), and more.

The fund is deliberately designed to provide BTG students interested in finance with a one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning experience through a structured, thesis-driven approach. The returns NeXus generates will be invested right back into the fund and towards the professional development of our students.

NeXus is an endowment management fund. Donors support the BTG NeXus Fund as they are passionate about providing opportunities for BIPOC students to gain hands-on investing experience and become a future leader in the finance industry.

BTG NeXus Fund 

BTG NeXus Fund 

BTG NeXus Fund 

BTG NeXus Fund 

BTG NeXus Fund 

NeXus Fund Leadership

Devon Triplett

Chief Executive Officer

UNC-Chapel Hill | McKinsey & Co.

Passionate about economic mobility in BIPOC communities, Devon founded BTG as a first-semester freshman in college and continues to serve as the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board.

Devon is a sophomore at The University of North Carolina where he studies Business Administration on a full academic scholarship. This summer, he will join McKinsey and Company as a Summer Business Analyst where he hopes to develop the professional network, problem-solving and structured thinking skills needed to have a profound social impact.

Outside of BTG, Devon works as a Venture Capital Fellow investing exclusively in Harvard and Harvard Business School startups.

Alec Zorrilla

NeXus Fund Manager

University of Miami | McKinsey & Co.

Alec is studying business analytics and philosophy at the University of Miami. With interests in tech and philosophy, he has experience working in Web3 and is an incoming McKinsey summer business analyst.

On campus, he is on the Undergrad Dean’s Advisory Board and the executive boards of the TAMID Consulting Group and Finance Association. As hobbies, he enjoys hosting an NFT podcast and cooking.

Franck Temgoua

NeXus Fund Manager

Duke University | McKinsey & Co.

Franck is a sophomore studying computer science and finance at Duke University. As a first generation African-American, he enjoys developing interconnections between multiple industry sectors and cultures in the finance and art space.


On campus, Franck began his university experience starting a high growth streetwear company, and uses his finance background from multiple fractional-CFO and PE companies for innovative resource manufacturing for garments and sustainable clothing. 


At BTG, he is involved in the startup of BTG’s first digital asset fund, and aids in creating BTG merchandise for members. Franck will be an incoming PE/PI summer financial consultant intern at McKinsey and Company.